Fire spells may refer to:

Fire surge

Fire Surge, the strongest combat spell in the Standard spellbook.

Icon Spell Type Base damage Runes
13 Fire Strike icon Fire Strike Strike spell 124 1Fire rune1Air rune
35 Fire Bolt icon Fire Bolt Bolt spell 336 2Fire rune2Air rune
56 Blood Rush Blood Rush Rush spell 537 1Death rune3Fire rune
59 Fire Blast icon Fire Blast Blast spell 566 3Fire rune3Air rune
68 Blood Burst Blood Burst Burst spell 652 2Death rune4Fire rune
75 Fire Wave icon Fire Wave Wave spell 720 4Fire rune4Air rune
80 Blood Blitz Blood Blitz Blitz spell 768 1Blood rune5Fire rune
81 Ruby Aurora Ruby Aurora Aurora Spell 851.2 1Soul rune3Fire rune
92 Blood Barrage Blood Barrage Barrage spell 864 2Blood rune5Fire rune
95 Fire Surge icon Fire Surge Surge spell 883 5Fire rune5Air rune

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