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Fire rune
Fire rune
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable Yes
Value 17 coins
High alch 10 coins
Low alch 6 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 17 coins
Exchange price 135 coins (info)
Buy limit 25,000
Examine One of the four basic elemental runes. Used in Magic (13).
Weight 0 kg
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Fire rune detail

The fire rune is one of the four basic elemental runes. Fire runes can be created from Rune essence or Pure essence through the Runecrafting skill, procured from drops by killing monsters, bought from other players, picked up from spawns on the ground, or can sometimes be found inside barrels. Fire giants are among the monsters that drop fire runes often and in large quantities.

Fire runes can be created using the Runecrafting skill at level 14 with a Fire talisman or Fire tiara at the Fire altar in Al-Kharid, which gives 7 experience per essence used.


In the 180 days leading up to 11 December 2009, 8.5 billion fire runes were traded in the Grand Exchange, and 12.9 billion in the 180 days leading up to 10 August 2010. This averages out to 829 per second, peaking on busy days at over 1650 per second. By 25 August 2010 13.1 billion had been traded in 180 days, which is 842 per second. After a brief dip, this rose again to 13.7 billion over 180 days up until 9 December 2010, 880 per second. It reached its peak in late June 2011, when 2.8 billion fire runes were traded in a mere 7 days, or over 4600 per second.

They are currently sold for 135 coins each in the Grand Exchange, or for 17 coins in stores when there are no fire runes in the player stock.

For a long time, fire runes had a price floor of 9 coins each in the Grand Exchange. Fire runes reached this price floor, and for over a year, they were very difficult to sell in the Grand Exchange, and would buy instantly. However, in September 2009, Jagex changed the price floor from 9 coins each to 5 coins each. Fire runes were then easily both bought and sold on the Grand Exchange.

Following the release of the Polypore staff, the price of fire runes rose due to the popularity of the staff and the fact that it is charged using 15,000 fire runes, using five per cast. This increased the price dramatically and caused some turbulence on the market.

Fire runes often enter the top 3 for most traded items every week.


Fire runes are used in a large number of spells, as listed below.

When casting a spell requiring fire runes, the fire rune requirement may be eliminated by wielding a staff that gives infinite fire runes, such as a staff of fire, fire battlestaff, lava battlestaff, mystic fire staff, mystic steam staff or mystic lava staff. Staves of fire can be bought from Zaff's Superior Staves! shop in Varrock.

Free spellsEdit

All players can cast these spells:

Member spellsEdit

Only members can cast these spells:

15,000 fire runes, along with 3000 Polypore spores, are also required to charge the built-in spell of a Polypore Staff for 3,000 casts.

Store stocksEdit

Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Aubury's Rune Shop17Coins 5Coins 300No
Betty's Magic Emporium17Coins 5Coins 300No
Carwen Essencebinder Magical Runes Shop17Coins 5Coins 300No
Ali's Discount Wares17Coins 5Coins 300Yes
Baba Yaga's Magic Shop17Coins 5Coins 1000Yes
Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop17Coins 5Coins 1000Yes
Magic Guild Store - Runes and Staves17Coins 5Coins 1000Yes
Tutab's Magical Market17Coins 5Coins 1000Yes
Void Knight Magic Store17Coins 5Coins 1000Yes
Battle Runes[1]17Coins 5Coins 100Yes
  1. ^ The Mage of Zamorak who sells the runes initially only stocks 100, but this is changed to 1,000 after completion of the Abyss miniquest.


This item can be disassembled with the Invention skill.
Disassembly XP ?0.4
Item quantity required ?50
Base junk chance ?84.6%
Total materials received ?8
Possible materials
Magic parts Magic parts
Crafted parts Crafted parts
Powerful components Powerful components

Dropping MonstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Dark wizard7; 20; 22; 2310; 18Common
Lesser demon824–120Uncommon
Fire giant8620Rare
Tyras guard5875Common


  • Jack used a fire and an air rune to make fire in the First Age.
  • The fire rune is one of the most traded items on the Grand Exchange. This is likely because they are dropped in large quantities by a variety of monsters and are commonly used by players training magic.

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