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FightpitPKer chathead

FightpitPKer is a player spoof involved in The Elder Kiln. She fights in the Fight Pits to kill several Ga'als. She may be fought during the quest.

She appears to be wielding a Dark bow, full Pernix armour, an Amulet of fury and a Ranging cape. She has the unique ability to use her Dark bow as a surprisingly effective melee weapon at close range, but she uses ranged far more often.

She starts off fighting against the mage LolthenKILL, so it is recommended to leave the pair alone until one is defeated. As ranged beats magic in the combat triangle, FightpitPKer is generally the victor. Protect from Missiles or Deflect Missiles will prevent most damage, all if out of melee range. However, despite having good accuracy even against good melee armour, she cannot hit as hard or as consistently as Odischamp or LolthenKILL, so Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic is recommended if one of those are attacking you.


  • She appears to shoot fire arrows with her bow.
  • Odischamp refers to him/her as "Morean".
  • FightpitPKer is mentioned by Cow1337killr in Festival of the Dead as making his own scoring system for everything. Cow1337killer calling FightpitPKer a male may be an oversight by Jagex, or a reference to male players playing as female characters. It may also be a reference to the Makeover Mage being able to change characters' genders. 
LolthenKILL v FightpitPKer

FightpitPKer battling LolthenKILL.

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