The Fettuccine Mafia is a penguin-run criminal organisation led by Alfredo, operating in and around the Lunar Sea. The gang is presumably operated from within the yet-unexplored Motherland north of the Fremennik Province, although their presence is also evident on the Iceberg near Rellekka.

The gang itself is named after fettuccine, a type of Italian pasta, and all four of the known members have pasta names. This may be a reference to the fact that macaroni is both a species of penguin and a type of pasta.

Hunt for Red RaktuberEdit

The Mafia is mentioned during the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber. When an adventurer asks a favour from Noodle, a known member of the Fettuccine Mafia, Noodle agrees to help only if the adventurer agrees to be in debt with the mafia. When the adventurer agrees, Noodle gives the player access to the Penguin Lair on the Iceberg by providing the kgp id card. It is implied through Noodle's dialogue that when the player goes to the Motherland, they will pay their debts to the mob. When Noodle says "I'm jus doin' deals on the outpost. We dun got no one in the human world to do deals, yet.", it could be implied that you might need to pay off your debt by setting up a deal between the mob and a human/group of humans.

Known membersEdit

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