For the standard variant, see Ferret.
Ferret (Dungeoneering)
Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Race Ferret
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Daemonheim
Sells items No
Gender Unknown
Examine A ferrret with a crystal tied around its neck.

Ferrets underneath Daemonheim play a key role (literally) in certain Dungeoneering puzzles. In all the puzzles the ferrets must be either captured, or enticed to move onto pressure plates to unlock the doors out of the room. The ferret-related puzzles are Fishing Ferret, Hunter Ferret, and Coloured Ferrets.

Ferret of DoomEdit

In the Thok It To 'Em saga, players, as Thok, can encounter the Ferret of Doom, an immensely powerful ferret with a combat level of 9001.