Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Race Cat
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Menaphos
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine This cat still has far to go.
Fenekh chathead

Fenekh is a cat found in Menaphos. Fenekh appears on Thursdays at one of six possible locations.

Fenekh gives additional dialogue if the player is wearing a catspeak amulet or a cramulet. When spoken to, he laments the non-reciprocated feelings for a female cat.

Journal descriptionsEdit

Before being found and petted
Sometimes here, sometimes there. Either in Menaphos or in hiding.

After being found and petted
Known rather ironically as the Desert Fox.



  • His name may refer to "Kelb tal-Fenek", the native name of the Pharaoh Hound breed of dog. Alternately, given his description as a "desert fox" in the Menaphos journal, it may also be a reference to the Fennec fox, a small fox that lives in the deserts of North Africa.

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