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Fayre prize tickets was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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Fayre prize tickets were a currency used in Spring Fayre. They could be found under the Holiday Events section of the currency pouch, and could be used to teleport to the event.

Obtaining tickets prompted the message You receive six free Fayre Prize Tickets., or during a Happy Hour: You receive a free Fayre Prize Ticket.

They could be used after the event and before the 12 June 2017 by right-clicking on the Chinchompa hunt map and opening the store.

On the start of 12 June 2017 each ticket was turned into 100 coins.


The following could be bought with prize tickets:

Name Tickets Value Coin/Ticket
Test of strength emote token Test of strength emote token 500 656,654 1,313.31
Fayre dancer emote pack 1 token Fayre dancer emote pack 1 token 100 106,092 1,060.92
Fayre dancer emote pack 2 token Fayre dancer emote pack 2 token 100 84,531 845.31
Bucking yak teleport token Bucking yak teleport token 600 1,209,174 2,015.29
Contact juggling resting token Contact juggling resting token 600 1,071,322 1,785.54
Pickaxe hat token Pickaxe hat token 100 89,958 899.58
Hypnotic parasol token Hypnotic parasol token 1,100 1,618,258 1,471.14
Fortune cape token Fortune cape token 500 875,844 1,751.69
Crystal ball token Crystal ball token 100 72,823 728.23
Mallet token Mallet token 900 768,451 853.83
Yak plushie token Yak plushie token 1,200 1,205,737 1,004.78
Yak balloon token Yak balloon token 1,000 1,057,225 1,057.23
Zoltan pet token Zoltan pet token 1,200 1,723,146 1,435.96

It required a total of 8,000 tickets to get all the reward tokens.

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