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Father Urhney chathead

Father Urhney is an irritable priest who lives as a hermit in a shack in the Lumbridge Swamp, which he built away from other people so he could medidate in peace, and as such will be irritable towards the player when disturbed. He has left Lumbridge to perform a full two-years meditation and retreat. Father Urhney never stops meditating. He explains this in an issue of Postbag from the Hedge, saying he has to start his two years of solitude over again if spoken to.[1]

Father Urhney plays a role in The Restless Ghost, giving the player an Ghostspeak amulet, which is required to speak to the restless ghost in Lumbridge. Urhney is an expert on communicating with dead spirits, and always carries a ghostspeak amulet. If the player loses the amulet of Ghostspeak, even after the quest is done, he will provide the player with a new amulet.

During the Buyers and Cellars quest the player has to steal an expensive chalice from Father Uhrney, by means of pickpocketing the key for the display case from him then taking the chalice from the case.



  • His shack used to be located on the east side of the swamp but it was moved to the west side of the swamp when an opening was made in the Lumbridge graveyard.
  • If you contact him with the NPC Contact spell, he will think you are Saradomin. You will tell him to 'Stop sitting around in a house in a swamp and go and do something useful,' though Urhney will meditate on the message.
  • During the Advisors and Objectives update, Father Urhney's shack shack rotated on an 180 degree angle. The entrance used to be on the south, now it is on the north.
  • During a hidden update, Father Urhney's shack was moved once again, but this time it was moved south of the Zanaris shack.
  • Before Buyers and Cellars was released, Urhney had the Pickpocket option, but when players chose to do that they did not receive anything.
  • When pick pocketed outside of quests, the chat box will say 'You don't want to dip into those pockets without good reason. They're holy...and filthy.'
  • Aereck and Urhney may be a reference to the comic double act Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.


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