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Father Aereck is a Saradominist priest who maintains the more than two hundred and thirty-year-old Church of Lumbridge. Responsible for the holy activities in worship of Saradomin at the Lumbridge Church, players must speak with Aereck to start The Restless Ghost quest. He also plays a role in The Lost Tribe quest as one of the citizens of Lumbridge which you should speak to about the strange goings-on beneath Lumbridge Castle. Aereck will also modify a player's gravestone if they have completed The Restless Ghost quest. Father Aereck states that all of the proceeds from sale of the gravestones are donated to Varrockian Guards' Widows & Orphans Fund. From his younger days, Father Aereck is friends with another priest named Father Urhney, who currently resides in Lumbridge Swamp as a hermit. According to Uhrney, Aereck always "gets himself into lots of problems", such as the instance when he "kept on getting stuck up bell ropes" when the two were trainee priests. A player can bring him a fired clay ring to transform into a ring of devotion. Aereck was also present at Deathcon II, where he, along with Dardar the dwarf, was advertising gravestones. He commented on the citadel frightening him.



  • Players used to be able to acknowledge that RuneScape is actually a computer game when talking to Father Aereck, breaking the fourth wall convention.
  • In Player Owned Ports, the player can tell Meg that Father Aereck is a Mahjarrat.
  • Aereck and Urhney may be a reference to the comic double act Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.

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