Farming shops are a type of store throughout Gielinor. The stores are represented by a Farming shop map icon icon. Farming shops sell tools that players need to start Farming. There are 6 Farming shops in RuneScape. All, except Head Farmer Jones's Farming Shop and Coeden's Seed Store, are located near a allotment farming patch.



In addition to the six main shops, there are also single farmers who will look after your farming patches. They will sell an unlimited number of farming related items. However, only 1 item can be bought at a time and it requires a dialogue in order to buy one. They are located at all farming patches except special ones.

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Compost Compost 35 coins N/A Not sold Not sold
Plant cure Plant cure 25 coins N/A Not sold Not sold
Rake Rake 15 coins N/A Not sold Not sold
Seed dibber Seed dibber 15 coins N/A Not sold Not sold
Gardening trowel Gardening trowel 15 coins N/A Not sold Not sold
Watering can Watering can 8 coins N/A Not sold Not sold

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