Farmer may refer to:

  • Farmer, level 10 monsters that can be pickpocketed with level 10 Thieving
  • Farmer (NPC), NPCs tending farms around Gielinor
  • Master Farmer, any of a number of NPCs whose pockets can be picked at level 38 Thieving
  • Fred the Farmer, an NPC at the farmhouse north of Lumbridge who features in the Cold War and One Small Favour quests and the Sheep Shearer miniquest
  • Farmer Brumty, an NPC at East Ardougne who is involved in the Sheep Herder quest
  • Farmer Blinkin, a gnome in the Vinesweeper minigame
  • Farmer Fromund, an NPC on the Fremennik island of Etceteria
  • Ali the Farmer, an NPC found north of Al Kharid castle
  • G.A.G., gardeners players can pay to watch their crops while Farming

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