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Family gauntlets detail

Family gauntlets are a reward for completing the Family Crest quest. Players can take them to any of the three brothers from the quest to have the gauntlets enchanted with a special ability. Players can only have one of these effects active at a time, and it costs 25,000 coins to change the enchantment. This can be done by going to visit the brothers.

If a player loses the gauntlets, they will magically return to Dimintheis who will give them back to the player with their previous enchantment applied. The player may re-obtain the gauntlets in their original form after finishing the quest Defender of Varrock, while not otherwise possessing the gauntlets (including in the player's bank).

Combat Stats
RequirementsFamily gauntlets equipped
Attack MeleeGloves slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

The enchanted gauntletsEdit

Cooking gauntletsEdit

Main article: Cooking gauntlets

This enchantment for the family gauntlets can be obtained by bringing them to Caleb in Gertrude's house, west of Varrock. Cooking gauntlets greatly decrease the chance of burning fish, particularly lobster, swordfish, monkfish, shark, cavefish and rocktail.

Goldsmith gauntletsEdit

Main article: Goldsmith gauntlets

This enchantment for the family gauntlets can be obtained by bringing them to to Avan at the Al-Kharid mine. Goldsmith gauntlets increase the Smithing experience of smelting gold from 22.5 to 56.2. This makes smelting gold bars a more efficient source of experience. Smelting gold ore has historically resulted in losing money, but currently gives a profit of 150 coins per bar, or 2.7 coins per experience point. Crafting gold rings or gold bracelets can result in greater profits.

Chaos gauntletsEdit

Main article: Chaos gauntlets

This enchantment for the family gauntlets can be obtained by bringing them to Johnathon in the Jolly Boar Inn to the north-east of Varrock (near the Wilderness border). Chaos Gauntlets provide a 10% damage boost to all Bolt spells. This boost was removed with the Evolution of Combat, but was restored on 24 March 2014.


  • This item was originally named steel gauntlets.
  • If they weren't enchanted before being lost, Dimintheis returns a set of cooking gauntlets instead.

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