Falling Blossom is an island in The Bowl region of the Wushanko Isles renowned for its geishas, as well as hibiscus gardens and beautiful scenery. There are multiple ports on the island, each with seven pubs at least.


  • In A Fine Expedition, the Biologist  believes she knows the location of a supply of ancient bones in the caverns benearh Falling Blossom. She needs the player's help to evade tree-root giants and claim it.
  • In First Contact, the player may make contact with a geisha from the palace of Falling Blossom. She'll make a good contact if there is a need to access the palace.
  • In I Spy, the player spies on the khan of Faling Blossom and delivers information to a contact who's interested in blackmailing him.
  • In Longma, the player sends a ship to fight Longma, the winged horse, who has been spotted near the coasts of Falling Blossom, for fame and glory.
  • In Smuggling Job, the player may smuggle hidden weapons to the geishas that work in the palace of Falling Blossom.
  • In To Gain through Death, the Assassin has heard that a bodyguard working for the khan of Falling Blossom has a vast supply of jade. The player may help her 'take it' from him.
  • In To the Rescue, the player may send a ship to free members of a harem who are being held captive by the khan of Falling Blossom.