Falling Blossom is an island in The Bowl region of the Wushanko Isles renowned for its geishas, as well as hibiscus gardens and beautiful scenery.


  • In A Fine Expedition, the Biologist  believes she knows the location of a supply of ancient bones in the caverns benearh Falling Blossom. She needs the player's help to evade tree-root giants and claim it.
  • In First Contact, the player may make contact with a geisha from the palace of Falling Blossom. She'll make a good contact if there is a need to access the palace.
  • In I Spy, the player spies on the khan of Faling Blossom and delivers information to a contact who's interested in blackmailing him.
  • In Longma, the player sends a ship to fight Longma, the winged horse, who has been spotted near the coasts of Falling Blossom, for fame and glory.
  • In Smuggling Job, the player may smuggle hidden weapons to the geishas that work in the palace of Falling Blossom.
  • In To Gain through Death, the Assassin has heard that a bodyguard working for the khan of Falling Blossom has a vast supply of jade. The player may help her 'take it' from him.
  • In To the Rescue, the player may send a ship to free members of a harem who are being held captive by the khan of Falling Blossom.

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