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Falador shield 4 detail

The Falador shield 4 is a reward for completing all of the Falador Tasks, including the elite tasks. It is obtained from Squire Asrol in the White Knights' Castle in Falador, and can be reobtained from him for free. It is one of the items that is always kept on (normal) death, although it can be lost in the Wilderness if it is not the most valuable item the player has (with Protect Item active).

Combat StatsElite task set female
Skill requirements
CombatSwords HybridShield slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses


Reward When worn When operated At all times
Falador shield 1 Falador shield 1
  • Ability to use a new emote by operating the shield when worn
  • Once per day, restore up to 25% prayer points
Falador shield 2 Falador shield 2
  • Increases farming experience from the herb, flower and allotment patches at the Falador farm by 10%
  • Once per day, restore up to 50% prayer points
Falador shield 3 Falador shield 3
  • Once per day, restore up to 100% prayer points
Falador shield 4 Falador shield 4
  • Twice per day, restore up to 100% prayer points
  • When restoring prayer points in Falador Castle, get 20 extra points
  • Ability to convert the Falador Castle altar to a Zarosian altar by using the ancient hymnal on it. The white knights in the room must be lured out or killed before doing this. The altar can be converted back to Saradominist at any time, recovering the hymnal.
  • Always receive a mole nose drop from the giant mole, which can be traded for higher value nests
  • Ability to trade white lily seeds (up to 50 per day) for 100 Farming experience each
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  • The shield used to be able to locate the Giant mole in its lair. This was removed on 27 January 2014. This was replaced by the bonus xp and respect at artisan's workshop and the Anti-dragon shield (mole)'s ability since the mole rework is much easier to locate now, rendering its previous effect obsolete.
  • The prayer renewal ability used to be difficult to use during combat due to a confirmation box. This was removed on 27 January 2014.

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