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Falador shield 3
Falador shield 3
Release date 9 December 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
Value 300 coins
High alch 180 coins
Low alch 120 coins
Destroy You will be able to get a replacement shield from Sir Vyvin's squire in the White Knights' Castle.
On death Always kept in inventory
Store price Not sold
Examine A tower shield from Falador.
Weight 7.2 kg
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Falador shield 3 detail

The Falador shield 3, also called the Tower shield, is a reward for completing the easy, medium and hard Falador Tasks. Players may obtain the shield from the squire in the White Knights' Castle. If you have lost the shield, speaking to the squire will allow you to obtain a new one. It is one of the items that are always kept on (normal) death, although it can be lost in the Wilderness if it is not among the 'Items kept on death'

The shield has the same defensive stats as a rune kiteshield, but also gives a +5 prayer bonus. It can be obtained and equipped with a Defence level of 30, which is less than the 50 required by the rune kiteshield.

Combat StatsFalador shield 3 equipped

A player wielding the Falador shield 3.

Shield Power

A player doing the Shield Power emote of the Falador shield 3.

Skill requirements
CombatSwords HybridShield slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses


Falador shield prayer restore

A player using the shield to restore prayer points.

From Falador shields 1 and 2Edit

When worn

Falador shield 3 onlyEdit

  • Restore up to 100% of your max prayer points once per day (resets at 00:00 UTC)
At all times

Notes: The power of the shield is usable even in the other-dimensional, Prayer-draining, Abyssal plane though it may be difficult to use it simply for the amount of high-level aggressive monsters attacking the player.


  • If you use the emote and quickly do a regular emote, you will do the normal emote while the icon still floats there.
  • Despite having the symbol of Saradomin on them, none of the Falador Shields offer protection from Saradomin's forces in the God Wars Dungeon.
  • The shield used to allow the player to enter the Crafting Guild without a Brown Apron. Since this requirement was removed, the reward was replaced by the ability to use the bank deposit box at the guild instead.

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