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This is the quick guide for Falador Tasks.
For a more in-depth version, click here.

Easy tasksEdit

  • Go to Falador west bank.
  • Take the required items out of your bank.
  • Make a Mind tiara.
  • (Optional) Kill a boss goblin in the Goblin Village. Kill 15 goblins in the village for a boss to appear.
  • Feed the Hairdresser's pet (in the treadmill) a piece of cheese. (Careful not to accidentally eat the cheese)
  • Fill your bucket at the pump just outside.
  • Buy a stat-boosting beer from the inn.
  • Climb to the top of the White Knights' Castle (on the west side).
  • Talk to Sir Renitee on the first floor (east side) about your family crest.
  • Kill a duck in Falador Park.
  • Enter the mole's lair.
  • Exit the mole's lair.
  • Go to the party room and talk to Party Pete.
  • Run south near the southern exit and buy a black chainbody from Wayne's shop. Try it on in the shop and then sell it back.
  • (Optional) Visit Clan Camp and fulfill required Clan Citadels-related tasks.
  • Heal an elemental wizard south of Falador by casting the appropriate elemental spell on him.
  • Buy a Farming amulet from Sarah.
  • Run south-east to kill a highwayman (just south of the cabbage patch).
  • Teleport to Port Sarim Lodestone. Recharge your Prayer points at the altar south-west of Port Sarim.
  • Take the boat to Entrana (Remember that no weapons are allowed, nor is the explorer's ring, so bank before going! However, runes are allowed.)
  • Talk to Redbeard Frank on Port Sarim's northern-most pier for your reward.

Medium tasksEdit

  • Go to Falador west bank. (Make sure you have swamp tar.)
  • Take the required items out of your bank.
  • Pickpocket a Falador Guard right outside the bank.
  • Now run to the south-west side of Falador and crawl under the wall, repeat to return to the city.
  • Teleport to Edgeville or the Monastery and run west to the Black Knights' Fortress and kill a Black Knight standing outside.
  • Run south and grapple on the Falador wall, then jump down. (Near the Park).
  • Run west and salute Sir Tiffy Cashien while wearing your Initiate armour.
  • Run south to the farm and craft a fruit basket using the loom.
  • Exit the farm house and run east, then north through the cabbage patch.
  • Plant your scarecrow , then plant your three sweetcorn seeds.
  • Travel to Karamja for free, and then return to Port Sarim.
  • Run south to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
  • Once inside, kill an ice giant and then mine a blurite ore.
  • Leave the dungeon and smelt the bar (Use superheat item if you have the runes)
  • Smith the bar into blurite limbs on Thurgo's anvil.
  • Run north west to Rimmington to the chemists house and light your Bullseye lantern.
  • Talk to the Chemist for your rewards.

Hard tasksEdit

Elite tasksEdit

  • Catch a Rocktail in the Living Rock Caverns. (Requires level 90 fishing)
  • Cook a Rocktail on any range in Falador. (Requires level 93 cooking)
  • Mine a concentrated gold rock in the Living Rock Caverns. (Requires level 80 mining)
  • Cut down a magic tree in your patch in Falador Park. (Requires level 75 farming and 75 woodcutting)
  • Use a summoned hydra familiar to regrow a tree in your patch in Falador Park. (Requires level 80 summoning)
  • Cast the String Jewellery spell while standing at the furnace in Falador. (Requires level 80 magic and completion of Lunar Diplomacy Quest)
  • While Turmoil is active, switch from curses to regular prayers using the altars in the White Knights' Castle. (Requires level 95 prayer and completion of The Temple at Senntisten Quest)

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