The Expert capes of Accomplishment are capes obtainable by having a group of related skills at level 99.

Invention is currently the only skill not required to earn a cape.

While training a skill that you have level 99 in, you will eventually find a skill shard for that skill. Once you have all of the necessary shards, you can combine them into one of the expert skillcapes. These capes give the same bonuses as regular Capes of Accomplishment, and they have a unique emote and boost all the relevant skills to level 100.

Capes and hoods may be stored on the cape rack and in the toy box of a player-owned house. Removing the cape from the toy box costs 99,000gp, due to the cape having combat stats.

Skilling shards for skills other than Dungeoneering cannot be obtained within Daemonheim. Distractions and Diversions activities do not seem to give shards.

At the time of release there was no way to toggle off receiving shards if a player has 99 in a skill, but with the update on 10 November 2014 you can now add the shards to a bag.