The Exile's Point is an island in The Shield. A man could just about survive on this island by eating raw seabird eggs and sour lemonberries.

The "Exile's Point" voyage that unlocks this island has an adversity of 17,800 Morale + 17,800 Combat + 17,800 Seafaring.

Completing the "Exile's Point" voyage unlocks the ability to hire the Kharidian Exile, whose base stats are 450 Morale, 450 Combat, 1,450 Seafaring, 850 Speed (and a +125 Solidarity bonus). These base stats combined with the +125 Solidarity trait bonus make the Kharidian Exile the strongest crew member in the entire Player Owned Ports minigame.

Players do not need to complete the "Light Under Sea" voyage from the Loop in order for the "Exile's Point" voyage to be offered and/or completed.

Exile's Point must be completed, along with having 6M miles (distance), before players can find standard tengu tsuba and gemstone kaseki voyages.

When finding this voyage, the message will read, "Rumours have reached your ears regarding an unexplored island known as Exile's Point. The opportunity beckons to add a chance of attracting the rare Kharidian Exile to your crew."

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