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The exhausted silver rock is a silver-bearing rock in the Al Kharid mining site. Unlike the other 5 rocks, this one can only be mined by any given player once, after which it is mined to the point where it has no more silver ore. It is in a line with 3 other silver rocks, with itself being the south-westernmost one.

After players mine this rock, they will get a message saying "This rock has become exhausted due to heavy mining. Please use one of the other rocks." After mining, the rock loses its "mine" option and appears like any other rock with no ore.

This particular rock is exactly the same as all the other silver rocks in RuneScape except for the fact that it will never respawn. Players arriving at the Al Kharid mining site for the first time often mine this rock but others can't see it available to mine. To other players, it looks as if the player is mining an empty rock.

As of 7 September, 2010, mining this rock counts towards the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks.

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