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Evil Chicken's Lair

The Lair of the Evil Chicken!!

Chicken Shrine

The Evil Chicken's Shrine.

The Evil Chicken's Lair is entered through a teleport by using a raw chicken on the Chicken Shrine north of the Fairy ring entrance of Zanaris (an undead raw chicken will not work; there are two chickens around the shrine which can be killed and used on it). The raw chicken is removed from the player's inventory during teleportation to the lair.

It is accessible during and after the Recipe for Disaster: Sir Amik Varze subquest during which players must kill the level 110 Evil Chicken. Players should note that to access the Evil Chicken's Lair, they must have spoken to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village.


Fighting black dragon

Fighting black dragons in the lair

Four level 100 black dragons live here on the main level, making the lair an ideal location for slayer tasks, due to the proximity of the Zanaris bank. Before entering, players are suggested to wield an anti-dragon shield and turn on the Protect from Melee prayer or the Deflect Melee curse, as the black dragons are close to the portal and will attack on entry. A ring of life may be useful, just in case the player dies.

A level 70 baby black dragon can be found down a level and is reached by using a rope on the tunnel entrance near the middle of the west wall, then climbing down the rope. The rope will last for a few minutes, then disappear, requiring the player to bring a rope every trip.

Points of interestEdit

Evil Chicken Nest

The Evil Chicken's Nest.

Ec lair rfd

  1. Portal (to exit)
  2. Four black dragons
  3. Evil Chicken's nest
A cave containing a baby black dragon (rope needed to enter) marked by the Dungeon map icon

The mineEdit

A mine in the south east has 4 iron, 4 coal, 3 silver, 4 gold, and 2 mithril rocks.





  • According to the Evil Chicken, the black dragons in the area are attracted to him and have come to pay their respects.
  • Using an egg on the evil chicken’s shrine used to give the message "Nice idea, but nothing interesting happens".

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