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For events hosted by the RuneScape wiki, see here.
For recurring events, see repeatable events.
RuneScape homepage

The homepage, the main medium for planned event announcements

Events refer to happenings and special limited occasions in RuneScape. Scheduled events are usually well displayed on the RuneScape homepage through banners and "Latest News". Future and current events in general are also widely documented and discussed on the RuneScape forums.

Planned events Edit

Year April Fools Easter Hallowe'en Thanksgiving Christmas Cryptic Clue Fest Other
2015 2015 April Fools 2015 Easter event
2014 2014 April Fools Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza 2014 Halloween event 2014 Thanksgiving event 2014 Christmas event RuneScape Road Trip
Valentine love note
2014 Winter event
Royal Rhinos
Balthazar's Big Raffle
2013 2013 April Fools Tribute to Guthix Lumbridge Rebuildathon 2013 Thanksgiving event 2013 Christmas event Festive Cryptic Clue Fest The Bird and the Beast
Super September
Battle of Lumbridge
Valentine heart
2013 Winter event
2012 2012 April Fools 2012 Easter event 2012 Hallowe'en event 2012 Thanksgiving event 2012 Christmas event Cryptic Clue Fest IV Winter Weekends
Bonus XP Weekend
Festival of the Dead
200m Accounts
Beta weekends
Sizzling Summer
Gielinor Games
Diamond Jubilee
Mad May
Bonus XP Weekend
2012 Winter event
2011 2011 April Fools 2011 Easter event 2011 Hallowe'en event 2011 Thanksgiving event 2011 Christmas event Cryptic Clue Fest III Chrome goggles
Ultimate Showdown
Bonus XP Weekend
Start of May
Bonus XP Weekend
10th Anniversary
2011 Winter event
2010 2010 April Fools 2010 Easter event 2010 Hallowe'en event 2010 Thanksgiving event 2010 Christmas event Cryptic Clue Fest II Oktoberfest
Ire of Phyrrys Festival
Bonus XP Weekend
Summer Festival
Start of May
Bonus XP Weekend
2009 2009 April Fools 2009 Easter event 2009 Hallowe'en event 2009 Thanksgiving event 2009 Christmas event Cryptic Clue Fest I Start of May
2008 2008 April Fools 2008 Easter event 2008 Hallowe'en event 2008 Thanksgiving event 2008 Christmas event
2007 2007 April Fools 2007 Easter event 2007 Hallowe'en event 2007 Christmas event
2006 2006 Easter event 2006 Hallowe'en event 2006 Christmas event
2005 2005 April Fools 2005 Easter event 2005 Hallowe'en event 2005 Christmas event
2004 2004 April Fools 2004 Christmas event
2003 2003 Easter event 2003 Hallowe'en event
2002 2002 Easter event 2002 Hallowe'en event 2002 Christmas event
2001 2001 Hallowe'en event 2001 Christmas event RuneScape is launched
none completed ongoing future cancelled

Fictional history Edit

Main articles: History and Historical timeline

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