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Eruni chathead

Eruni is one of the three bosses encountered in the quest Do No Evil, and was made by Amascut, using Apmeken's stolen hearing. She is found in Thammaron's Throne Room under the ruins of Uzer.

Eruni is fightable along with her sisters Ayuni and Leeuni as a class A boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Do No Evil.


Unlike her sisters, Leeuni and Ayuni, Eruni stays immobile during the entire fight. She attacks with a projectile attack very quickly, each projectile deals both magic and ranged damage simultaneously. As a result, only damage from one style of attack can be reduced using prayers, which reduces effectiveness of Protection prayers from 50% to roughly 25%.

Eruni summons Lesser demons to aid her in combat when her health reaches certain points (one demon in the beginning of the fight, two when at 3/4 life points, three when half and four when at 1/4). Eruni is completely impervious to attacks while there are any demons summoned, meaning the player has to kill the demons off first, causing Eruni's blue magical shield to fade.

Eruni can deal damage even when any demon is present, which makes her very dangerous if player does not position properly to kill lesser demons. Since the demons are much weaker than Eruni but are not aggressive, it is recommended to snipe the demon while hiding from Eruni whenever she is protected. Turning off Auto Retaliate is also strongly recommended because her attacks would attract the player to attack her to no avail.


  • The 3 demons, Ayuni, Eruni, and Leeuni are coloured with the colour of the gods, Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix.
  • The names of the three bosses hint at their origins: "Lee" for lips, "Ay" for eyes, and "Er" for ear.
  • The demons Eruni summons make different sounds than other Lesser demons. Also, their examine text is: "This demon is under Eruni's influence."
  • When you go stand behind the pillar east/west of Eruni, she can't attack you.
  • Eruni has a pair of ears on her mask, due to her being created by Apmeken's hearing.
  • Eruni's magical shield looks somewhat similar to the Lunar spell Disruption Shield, which can also block attacks from players.