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Classic Runestone
Old School RuneScape icon
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Sea Southern Sea
Kingdom(s) Asgarnia
Members Yes
No. of banks 0
No. of altars 1
No. of obelisks 0
Teleportation Balloon transport system, Law Teleport Tablet, Abyss
Guilds None
Music Background
Inhabitants/Race Monks
Location on World Map
Legends' Guild Entrana Dark Wizards' Tower

Entrana is a members-only island that lies south of Catherby. This location can be accessed by:

Players cannot bring weapons or armour to Entrana as ordered by Saradomin and enforced by his monks. However, players can make equipment on the island, such as making a bow by using a Knife on any type of Logs and then stringing the bow. Players are also allowed to bring ammunitions into Entrana.

Entrana can be an efficient area to create glass, as all the supplies are found on the island.


From the beginning, Guthix shaped Gielinor and Entrana was one of the islands he added. Entrana is the place the god Saradomin set his first foot on when he entered Gielinor after Guthix fell asleep. This is why the island is known by all Saradominists as the holiest place on Gielinor.

At some point the Elder God Jas placed a statue named The Sleeper on this island. The statue's task was to warn mortals about the use of the Elder Stone. When Saradomin arrived on Entrana, The Sleeper warned him. However, Saradomin refused to heed this warning and submerged the statue directly off the north-western coast, so no one could hear its warnings.

When the Elder gods went to sleep, Bik chose the Entrana as a resting place. It is even suggested that Bik is Entrana. During Heart of Stone, the player visits Entrana again to investigate this.

Notable featuresEdit


Equipment on EntranaEdit

Allowed Not allowed (Noted versions of these items may be taken.)

Creating combat equipment on EntranaEdit

Melee items: Magic secateurs cannot be carried onto the island, but can be stored with the tool leprechaun who stands next to the hops patch, west of the arrival dock. Cured yak-hides can be brought to the island to make yak-hide armour, and silver sickles can be made from silver bars by using the furnace.

Ranged items: Many Crafting and Fletching items are allowed on the island; players may use this loophole to get around the ban on weapons and armour. Leather, snakeskin, dragon leather, needles, thread, steel studs, dart tips and feathers are allowed. Additionally unstrung bows, bow string and arrows are permitted. High Crafting and Fletching levels are required to make some of this equipment on the island.

After completion of the Legends Quest, 25 blessed gold bowls filled with sacred water can be brought with the binding book. Vials can be bought at the herblore shop, enchanted, and filled from the bowls, then wielded as holy water. Prayer can be restored at the altar. Thus 250 vials for combat with the greater demons in the Entrana Dungeon may be created for every trip.

Magic items: It is possible to bring imphide, spider silk, or batwing and thread to craft wands and books/orbs, as well as magic armour (if necessary). All runes are permitted on Entrana as well.

Blisterwood logs may be taken to Entrana to create a Blisterwood staff or Blisterwood stakes. Additionally, two silver bars can be brought to make sickles for a Blisterwood polearm.


There are also several monsters found under Entrana. See the Entrana Dungeon article for more details.


Most inhabitants of Entrana live within the more populated southern area of the island. A list of inhabitants on the island maybe found below:



Music tracks unlocked:

A playable organ can also be found on the second floor of the church.



No house npc player only shadow on entrana

Only land and shadows remain

  • It was previously possible to smuggle weapons and armour to Entrana by dropping them on an outcropping in Port Sarim and casting Telekinetic Grab, but Jagex made this impossible by removing the outcropping, making it out of range.
  • Entrana may be a play on the word "entrance", due to the fact that the word "Entrada" in Spanish means "entrance" in English, and the fact that Saradomin entered Gielinor through the island.
  • Players were able to board the boat while wearing a TokHaar-Kal shortly after it was released, but a monk would immediately appear and knock the player unconscious. This has been fixed.
  • Before the toolbelt update, it was impossible to chop down any trees on the surface of the island, as all forms of hatchets were banned.
  • It used to be possible to smuggle weapons and armour onto Entrana by opening Treasure Trail caskets there. This was fixed however, and attempting to do so results in a message in the chatbox saying "You cannot open a casket on Entrana."
  • Players cannot play Treasure Hunter on Entrana. Trying so yields the message "You cannot play Treasure Hunter here."
  • When attempting to use the amulet of nature to teleport to Entrana with banned items, it will tell you: "Francis would not be pleased if I allowed you onto Entrana with those items." This was not always so.
  • On RuneScape Classic you were able to bring a scythe onto Entrana. This has now been fixed.

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