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Release date 29 March 2004 (Update)
Members? Yes
Level 79
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat
Experience 89
Runes 3Nature rune
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Entangle is a combat spell which prevents monsters from moving for 24 seconds, or players for 12 seconds.

It is possible to cast Entangle on a target that is already affected. However, this will not refresh the effect and does not grant experience, resulting in a total waste of runes.


3Nature rune1,356


  • Casting Entangle on Penance Fighters or Penance Rangers would cause the player to take 20 unblockable damage as it counts as wrong attack type.
  • Entangle used to do a small amount of damage to the target.
  • The FunOrb game Arcanists features a spell in the nature book called "Entangle" and it stops the player it hits from jumping.
  • It's revealed during Salt in the Wound, Kennith has the ability to cast Entangle. Some of the stronger Forgotten mages in Daemonheim also use Entangle.