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Energy Transfer was significantly altered after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape. SidneySmith
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Energy transfer

Energy Transfer was a Lunar spell that was removed from the Lunar spellbook with the release of Evolution of Combat. However, it can still be used to "encourage" Pauline Polaris in the Livid Farm, although this does not consume runes. As with all Lunar spells, Lunar Diplomacy was required to cast this spell.

Before being removed, Energy Transfer transferred all of the caster's special attack and some run energy to the target at a cost of some life points. This spell was often used with hard/high hitting special attack weapons, such as the Armadyl godsword, Korasi's sword, or Dragon claws to enable the targets to use the special attacks more frequently than they would have been able to do otherwise.

Energy Transfer costs 1790 coins for each cast. 1734 coins when using a Law staff (10% chance of not using a law rune).


  • Before an update, it could be used in single-combat PvP areas, which some players found unfair. Even though there is a large delay between the casting of the spell and the actual transfer of special attack, a player with an experienced team of anywhere from two to five or even more players casting Energy Transfer on him/her could easily overwhelm a single victim, who wasn't expecting more than the normal number of special attacks. In response to this frustration Jagex later released an update which restricted the spell's usage to multi-combat zones.
  • For a period of time after the release of the Evolution of Combat, if the player attempted to encourage Pauline Polaris during a Suqah attack, the player was required to have had at least 50% Adrenaline to cast this spell. Since there is no way to generate 50% adrenaline inside Livid Farm, many players skipped encouraging her, although it was still possible to get adrenaline up by killing suqahs near the farm and then quickly running back inside to encourage Pauline. Now, however, the glitch has been fixed and the player can do it with 0% adrenaline.
  • Energy transfer is still visible in the skill advance guide, and upon reaching level 91 magic, it is shown as a new unlock on the player's screen.
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