Slice, Piercing Shot and Wrack deal 20% less damage, but generate 0.6 additional adrenaline per rank.
Release date 25 January 2016 (Update)
Gizmo type Weapon, Armour
Maximum rank 3

Energising is an Invention perk that diminishes the ability damage of Slice, Piercing Shot, and Wrack in return for increased adrenaline production. It can be created in weapon and armour gizmos.

When installed in a gizmo, energising reduces the damage of Slice and Piercing Shot to 80% of their original ability damage — e.g., Slice will now deal 24–96% ability damage, instead of its original 30–120%.

Despite the in-game description, Wrack's ability damage is not affected, and ranks 1 and 3 of energising provides an additional 0.7 adrenaline instead of the stated 0.6.

SlicePiercing ShotWrack
Adrenaline gained
Rank Increase Adrenaline
N/A 0 8.0
1 0.7 8.7
2 1.3 9.3
3 2.0 10.0


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Magic parts
Magic partsCommon011–21–21–2
Imbued components
Imbued componentsUncommon11–21–21–31–3
Refined components
Refined componentsUncommon011–21–21–2
Enhancing components
Enhancing componentsUncommon11–21–21–31–3
Smooth parts
Smooth partsCommon011–21–21–2
Stave parts
Stave partsCommon011–21–21–2

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