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An enchanted water tiara provides water as a replacement for waterskins. Players who have both level 50 Runecrafting and Magic or higher and who have completed Dealing with Scabaras can create it by using 50 water runes on a water tiara. Runecrafting can be boosted to achieve the 50 Runecrafting requirement. For every three runes used, the tiara is charged with one drink of water. Only one enchanted water tiara can be possessed at a time.

The tiara works like a waterskin in the Kharidian Desert, with one charge depleted every time there is a need to drink water due to the desert heat effect. This makes enchanted water tiaras potentially more expensive than waterskins, which can be filled for free. However, the tiara can hold 500,000 charges, making it much more convenient than waterskins which can only hold up to four drinks. The number of charges in a tiara can be checked by either right-clicking it and selecting Check-charges while it is in inventory or by right-clicking and selecting Charges while it is worn. The tiara must be worn for the effect to work. This may sometimes be inconvenient during combat, especially during a Slayer assignment where a slayer mask or helmet may be desired instead. The enchanted water tiara does work for entry to the Water altar.

To recharge the tiara, use water runes on it. Three water runes gives one charge, so the maximum charge takes 1,500,000 water runes at a cost of 16,500,000.

Destroying it converts it back into a water tiara and unused water runes, the tiara and the runes will drop on the floor so they need to be picked up before they disappear.

The enchanted water tiara is especially useful when mining granite or sandstone in the Western desert mining site located near Enakhra's Temple, or when training Divination south of Sophanem because players do not have to carry waterskins, freeing inventory slots for more efficient training. They are also useful in catching crimson skillchompas that are located in the Desert Quarry Hunter area or plucking phoenix feathers for super antifire potions.

This item cannot be made using the Assist System.

Combat StatsEnchanted tiara equipped
Skill requirements
NoneHead slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses


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