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Enchanted lyre detail

An enchanted lyre is made from a regular lyre during the Fremennik Trials quest. After creating and stringing the lyre, it can be enchanted by offering certain raw fish to the Fossegrimen's altar south-west of Rellekka. The enchantment is needed for a performance, which will get Olaf the Bard's vote to become a Fremennik.

After completing the quest, additional charges can be bound to the lyre that teleport the player to near the dock of Rellekka. However, the teleport has become less useful due to the Rellekka house portal (and Rellekka tablet) as well as the Fremennik lodestone.

The lyre interacts with the Fremennik Province Tasks. The easy tasks will grant extra charges, and the hard and elite tasks will allow the teleport location to be changed. Operating the boots from the easy tasks allows remote recharging, and the boots from the medium tasks give a teleport charge per day.


A player teleporting using an Enchanted Lyre.

Teleport chargesEdit

Fossegrimen location

Location of the altar.

The lyre can be enchanted by offering certain raw fish to the Fossegrimen's altar south-west of Rellekka. It should be noted that it is impossible to add charges to an already charged lyre. As a result, multiple lyres can reduce trips to Fossegrimen.

There are three types of fish that the player may offer, a raw shark, a raw manta ray, and a raw sea turtle. However, if players equip a ring of charos (a), they can convince the spirit that a raw bass is really a small shark, and she will recharge the lyre.

Completion of the first set of Fremennik Province Tasks permanently allows the player receive two more charges than normal when recharging in person at Fossegrimen's altar. Alternatively by operating the boots, the player can recharge the lyre remotely and receive one less charge than normal (three less than in person); and by operating the Fremennik sea boots 2 or better, players can teleport with their lyre without using up a charge (the lyre does not need to be charged since it will use none). Both the boots and the lyre are needed in the inventory to do this. This can only be done once per day.

The cells in last three columns show the number of Lyre teleports per offering on top, and the relative cost per charge in the bottom of the cell.

Offering Cost Before obtaining Fremennik sea boots 2
(only in person)
After obtaining Fremennik sea boots 2
(charging remotely)
After obtaining Fremennik sea boots 2
(charging in person)
Raw shark 1,046 2
Raw bass* 441 2
Raw manta ray 1,222 3
Raw sea turtle 932 4

* Only possible if wearing a ring of charos (a).

Assuming that raw bass, the cheapest option by far, is used, it would cost 220.5 coins per charge if charged normally, 441 if charging remotely, and 110.25 if charging in person with sea boots. An activated ring of Charos is required.

Finally, note that the teleport location may be changed after completion of the hard tasks by speaking to Olaf the Bard. These options become more useful upon completion of the quest Love Story and the ability to use chipped house teleport tablets, which are a more convenient teleport to Rellekka. As well as that, there is a nearby lodestone in the Fremennik Province to the east of Rellekka.

Teleport location Requirement
Rellekka Fremennik Trials
Waterbirth Island Fremennik hard tasks
Jatizso Fremennik elite tasks
Neitiznot Fremennik elite tasks

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Borrokar391Very rare
Freidir391Very rare
Lensa (Rellekka)391Rare


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Playing the lyre
  • When the lyre first came into Runescape, if you teleported near the West Ardougne doors, you would lose connection from the server.
  • If you have reached a skill to level 99 and you play the lyre during the Fremennik Trials you sing about it. If you have completed Dragon Slayer your character may sing about that.
  • When unenchanted and you try and play the lyre, your character states "I wouldn't know how to start playing this!". However, when you play the enchanted lyre, your character seems to know how to play. This may be because the lyre is enchanted and can be played by anyone.
  • Raw great white shark, introduced in the player-owned aquarium update, cannot be used to recharge the enchanted lyre.