Enchanted bolts and enchanted bakriminel bolts are Ranged ammo tipped with gems and then enchanted through enchantment spells to obtain a secondary effect. This effect can be triggered with auto attacks and abilities, with abilities consuming one bolt per activation. The chance of the special effect occurring is increased by 2% upon the completion of the elite Seers' achievements.

Bolt Effect Chance Special Effect
Opal bolts (e) 5 Opal bolts (e)

Opal bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Opal bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Lucky lightning

+10% damage

Jade bolts (e) 5 Jade bolts (e)

Jade bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Jade bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Earth's fury

Stun your opponent for 4.8 seconds. Only Binds in PvP.

Pearl bolts (e) 5 Pearl bolts (e)

Pearl bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Pearl bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Sea curse

+15% more damage to enemies that are weak to water. Performs 15% less damage on enemies that are weak to fire. Stops enemies from running in PvP.

Topaz bolts (e) 5 Topaz bolts (e)

Red topaz bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Red topaz bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Down to earth

Reduce your opponents magic level by 2 and damage by 1%. Caps at 10 levels and 5% damage.

Sapphire bolts (e) 5 Sapphire bolts (e)

Sapphire bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Sapphire bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Clear mind

Steal 5% of your maximum prayer points from your opponent.

Emerald bolts (e) 5 Emerald bolts (e)

Emerald bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Emerald bakriminel bolts (e)

55% Magical poison

Poison your enemy for 4% of your weapon damage.

Ruby bolts (e) 5 Ruby bolts (e)

Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Ruby bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Blood forfeit

Deal damage worth 20% of your enemy’s life points, while also dealing 10% of your own life points to yourself. Damage dealt to players caps at 3,000. For NPCs, the percentage of damage dealt scales down linearly as the NPC loses health, capping at 10,000 (12,000 for critical hits). Furthermore, the chance to trigger this effect lowers by 1% for every 1,000,000 of the NPC’s remaining health, capping at a minimum of 1%.

Diamond bolts (e) 5 Diamond bolts (e)

Diamond bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Diamond bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Armour piercing

Hit with 100% accuracy and deal up to 15% more damage.

Dragon bolts (e) 5 Dragon bolts (e)

Dragonstone bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Dragonstone bakriminel bolts (e)

5% Dragon's breath

Hit your opponent a second time for 25% of your current attack as dragonfire. Dragons and those under dragonfire protection are immune.

Onyx bolts (e) 5 Onyx bolts (e)

Onyx bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Onyx bakriminel bolts (e)

10% Life leech

Heal up to 25% of damage potential (capping at 2.5k) and dealing 25% more damage.

Ascendri bolts (e) 4 Ascendri bolts (e)

Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e) 5 Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e)

10% Deathmark

Instantly provide 10% adrenaline and an additional 1% adrenaline from basic abilities for 15 seconds.