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Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond)

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Coins 10000
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Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond)
Diamond bolts 5
Members? Yes
Level 57
Spellbook Normal
Type Skilling
Experience 67
Runes 2Law rune1Cosmic rune10Earth rune
Enchant bolts
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This spell enchants 10 Diamond bolts with the Armour piercing effect. This gives the bolts a chance to ignore a good portion of your opponent's ranged defence. They are commonly used against Mithril dragons when their health is halfway down and Ruby bolts (e) will not have much of an effect.

Completing the Seers' Village Elite Tasks doubles the chance that the special effect occurs.


Spell cost
10Earth rune1Cosmic rune2Law rune846
Combo runes
1Cosmic rune2Law rune10Dust rune4,716
1Cosmic rune2Law rune10Mud rune7,286
1Cosmic rune2Law rune10Lava rune7,646
1Cosmic rune2Law runeMud battlestaff746
1Cosmic rune2Law runeStaff of earth746
1Cosmic rune2Law runeLava battlestaff746

Money makingEdit

Enchanting diamond bolts
ProfitSkill requirementsOther requirementsExperience
-845,100 57 Magic-icon None 90,450 Magic-icon

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