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The Empyrean Citadel was Armadyl's seat of power in Gielinor before the Edicts of Guthix were established and the gods banished.[2] During the Missing, Presumed Death quest it is taken by Sliske, who uses it to gather the gods (including the citadel's former owner) for his 'Grand Ascendancy'.

The only way to get to the citadel is to use the Invitation box which is obtained during Missing, Presumed Death.

After the quest, the citadel remains in the control of Sliske[3], and the Statue of Death has been moved to the main entrance, which allows the player to claim additional post-quest rewards. These rewards are: a Thieving lamp, a Constitution lamp, an Antique lamp, 30 Barrows amulets and two new death animations.

The music tracks Empyrean Citadel and Faces Obscura are unlocked here during Missing, Presumed Death.

Dishonour among Thieves begins by talking with Moia at the entrance of this citadel.


Empryean Citadel concept art

Concept art of the citadel.

  • During Missing, Presumed Death, Relomia can be seen stranded on one of the floating rocks near the memorial statue.


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