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This article is about the empty cup for a standard cup of tea. For the empty cup used for tea in Player-owned houses, see Empty cup (Player-owned house).

An Empty cup is an item that is obtained after drinking a cup of tea or a cup of nettle tea. To obtain an empty cup, players can buy or steal a cup of tea from the tea stall in east Varrock or buy one on the Grand Exchange. There is also another way by talking to Galahad, and just having a conversation with him and he will end up giving you one, and then you just have to drink it for an Empty Cup.


The only use for an empty cup is to fill it up with standard tea or nettle tea. To refill the cup with standard tea, players must use it on a tea flask with at least one dose in it. To refill the cup with nettle tea, players must use it on a bowl of nettle tea, as done in the One Small Favour quest.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Culinaromancer's Chest2Coins 2Coins 10Yes
Frenita's Cookery Shop2Coins 2Coins 10Yes
Mess Sergeant Ramsey's Cooking Supplies Shop2Coins 2Coins 10No


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  • When the Grand Exchange was first released, empty cups were not tradeable.

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