Elven clan workers are elves found in the eight districts of Prifddinas. They can be pickpocketed for various loots. Experience is increased by 20% when the Voice of Seren is in the clan's district.

Workers are automatically and continuously pickpocketed until caught. Getting caught 3 times will make the entire clan alert, preventing further pickpocketing for 20 minutes.

Worker Thieving XP VoS XP
Iorwerth worker 91 125 150
Ithell worker 92 130 156
Cadarn worker 93 135 162
Amlodd worker 94 140 168
Trahaearn worker 95 145 174
Hefin worker 96 150 180
Crwys worker 97 155 186
Meilyr worker 98 170204

Best experienceEdit

The form below will create a table of worker experience, sorted from best to worst, based on your Thieving level and the current Voice of Seren.

 template  = Elven worker
 form      = xForm
 result    = xResult
 param     = level|Level|99|int
 param     = vos1|Voice 1|Amlodd|select|Amlodd,Cadarn,Crwys,Hefin,Iorwerth,Ithell,Meilyr,Trahaearn
 param     = vos2|Voice 2|Cadarn|select|Amlodd,Cadarn,Crwys,Hefin,Iorwerth,Ithell,Meilyr,Trahaearn
 param     = boost|Abyssal lurker?|No|select|No,Yes
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