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Release date 11 July 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members only Yes
Quest NPC Garden of Tranquility
Location South of Falador
Sells items Farming supplies
Gender Male
Examine Perhaps this gardener might look after your crops for you.
Elstan location
Elstan chathead

Elstan is the gardener of the farming patch outside Falador. He will look after the 2 allotment patches if paid. Elstan is an important character in the Garden of Tranquility quest and can answer questions in the A Fairy Tale Part I quest, for he is a G.A.G. member.


Elstan also sells basic farming tools, which can be accessed by talking to him and asking "Can you sell me something?". It is not an actual shop and it has no set stock; each item has to be bought individually through the dialogue.

Image Item Price
Plant curePlant cure25
Watering canWatering can25
Gardening trowelGardening trowel15
Seed dibberSeed dibber15


  • He seems to have a crush on Lyra. Ironically, Lyra reveals to the player that she seduces young men in order to provide the Vampyres with blood tithes.
  • It is revealed he is friends with Rind the gardener in Keldagrim and attended the Annual Asgarnian Gardening Conference together with him.

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