Release date 24 October 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Al Kharid
Sells items Yes
Gender Male
Examine Manufacturer of fine leathers.
Ellis location
Ellis chathead

Ellis is a tanner of Al Kharid. Take cowhides, snakeskins, and dragonhides there to be tanned for a nominal fee. When they are tanned, the player can then craft them into different items. If a player has started the Lumbridge/Draynor Area Tasks, he will give them a free needle and thread.

It takes approximately 9 seconds running to get from him to the bank interface.

Ellis' tannery

Ellis' tannery.

Hide Price
Soft leather 0 coins
Hard leather 3 coins
Snakeskin (Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup) 15 coins
Snake hide (swamp) (Temple Trekking) 20 coins
Green dragonhide 20 coins
Blue dragonhide 20 coins
Red dragonhide 20 coins
Black dragonhide 20 coins
Royal dragonhide 20 coins


  • Ellis is also involved in a easy clue scroll: Talk to Ellis in Al Kharid.
  • Despite saying he charges 1 coin to tan each soft leather when conversing with him, he actually charges nothing for tanning soft leather.
  • A standard tanner was previously found in his location, but he was replaced by Ellis in a hidden update.