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The Elemental Workshop quest series is a series of quests revolving around the workshop and its various levels. It explores the Elemental, Mind, Body, Cosmic and Chaos workshops. The player first repairs the workshops, then learns how to craft the metals into shields, then helmets, followed by bodies, and finally gloves and boots.


Elemental Workshop IEdit

Main article: Elemental Workshop I

While searching the bookshelves in Seers' Village, the player finds a battered book, titled The Elemental Shield. By using a knife on the book, the player finds a battered key, by slashing the book. The player then finds an odd looking wall in the anvil building to the north and, using the key, opens it to find the Elemental Workshop. The player sets about getting the workshop back in order, by running the water, fixing the bellows, and pouring lava in the furnace. After attempting to mine some elemental ore, the player is attacked by an Earth Elemental. After defeating it, the player picks up the elemental ore. The player smelts it with four coal in the furnace to make an elemental bar, and then smiths it into an elemental shield, using the knowledge in the book.

Elemental Workshop IIEdit

Main article: Elemental Workshop II

The player finds a beaten book while searching the shelves of the Digsite Exam Centre library. Upon reading it, the player finds a note as a bookmark and discovers that there is another level to the workshop. The player goes back to the workshop and, following the directions on the note, finds a key in some machinery. The player then descends to the lower level of the workshop. After finding some schematics, the player creates a crane claw out of elemental metal and fixes the crane next to the lava pool. The player then fixes the press by connecting the pipes in the junction box. After searching the crates in the workshop, the player finds three cogs and a pipe section, which they use to fix the wind tunnel and water tank, respectively. The player starts the machine, dipping another elemental bar in lava, flattening it in the press, cooling it in the water tank, and cooling it further in the wind tunnel. The player receives a primed bar for his/her work. The player then descends deeper into the workshop, finding a door with the Mind symbol on it (another door, with the Body symbol, is locked for now). After placing the primed bar into an extractor gun, the player sits in the extractor chair. The machine comes to life, and a part of the player is transferred to the bar, decreasing his/her Magic by 20 levels temporarily. The result is a primed mind bar. The player then smiths the bar into a mind helmet, using the new book. The player also discovers the ability to create mind shields and elemental helmets.

Elemental Workshop IIIEdit

The player finds a ragged book when searching the shelves of Seers' Village church. Reading the book suggests that there may be a way to unlock the door with the Body symbol on it. The player uses a piece of soft clay on the face of the book to create a key mould, and uses this to mould an elemental bar into a ragged elemental key by using the furnace in the Elemental Workshop. The player descends further into the workshop, and uses the key to unlock the Body door. The player walks through the body door to find him/herself on platform above a large machine. The player goes down the ladder to where the machine lies, and uses a number of levers to move large pieces of clockwork in order to make the machine work, and then raises the powered machine into a control panel on the platform above by similar method. The player returns to the platform and places a primed bar in a slot attached to the outside of a small room on top of the platform. This opens the door to the room, which the player enters and pulls a lever on the control panel inside to close the door. The player then pushes a large red button inside the room to turn the primed bar into a primed body bar, weakening the player's defence level temporarily in the process. The player pulls the lever to exit the room and removes the primed body bar from the slot, then repeats the process of powering and operating the machine to create a second primed body bar. With two primed body bars in possession, the player returns the main room of the workshop and uses the anvil to smith the two bars into a body body, using the ragged book. The player also discovers the ability to create elemental bodies and mind bodies, and can now also create body shields and body helmets.

Elemental Workshop IVEdit

Main article: Elemental Workshop IV

Thormac at the Sorcerer's Tower recently discovered a book in his collection that he didn't recognise, all about the fabled Elemental Workshop. As he'd heard that this was something you're researching, and as he's more 'mystic' and this book's all 'cosmic', he'd love for you to pop by to pick it up.

Reading the book, he/she learns that Vitruvius, creator of the Elemental Workshop, had tried to bring his apprentice back to life using Body Magic. It was unsuccessful, but reanimation was possible after transferring the mind into a body of Cosmic metal. After more experiments, Chaos magic was used to create and enchant an automaton.

The player uses a knife to enter a deeper section of the Workshop and find the cosmic machine. The player solves a puzzle involving elemental rune energy that flows through pillars. Upon completion, the cosmic machine can be activated. When the player activates it, the automaton comes to life and opens up the way to the chaos workshop.

The player can now use the machine to turn primed bars into cosmic bars.

In the chaos workshop, the player uses a device to give the automaton instructions. Using the chaos device, the players must figure out how to enter the area with the chaos machine. Once the player figures this out, he/she can turn a primed bar into a chaos bar. After the player smiths the bar into a pair of boots, the quest is complete.

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Main locationsEdit

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This quest series is very different from most quests, due to the fact that it is started by a "chance" finding of a book and is continued by the player's curiosity and intuition. In most quests, you are given a task by an NPC, and come back for more information once that task and any other necessary actions are finished. The Elemental Workshop quest series doesn't directly involve any specific, important NPC, and only has a backstory with a character that you learn about through books. On top of this, while some quest series even go so far as to make the player seem blundering and foolish in the beginning, the puzzles that are solved with little outside input suggest that the adventurer is keen and intelligent from the start.

Future questsEdit

  • It is confirmed that there are 3-5 more quests in the series planned out[1].
  • With the release of Elemental Workshop IV, there are now un-openable doors for Astral and Nature rooms and a further door leading south which might possibly lead to the Law, Death, Blood, and/or Soul rooms. In the notched book, found in Elemental Workshop IV, the author of the book mentions that the apprentice in the automaton didn't have a soul. This may hint that there will be a soul room in the future that Vitruvius used to give his apprentice a soul.


  • The order in which rooms are revealed is the same order that players gain the ability to craft the runes represented by those rooms.


  1. ^ Mod Dylan. "Game Update FAQ - 01/03/11." 2 March 2011. Recent Updates Forums.

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