This article is about chickens' eggs, which are used mainly in Cooking. For other uses, see Egg (disambiguation).
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Egg detail

An egg is an item used mainly in Cooking, to make cakes and egg potatoes.

Members can convert an egg into a cockatrice egg by using the special move Ophidian Incubation from a spirit cobra familiar.


An egg usually spawns near most chicken coops, including three respawn points at the farm north of Lumbridge, at Fred the Farmer's chicken coop, two respawn points at the farm north of Port Sarim, at the chicken coop north-east in Entrana, and in front of the Chicken Shrine outside the Evil Chicken's Lair in Zanaris. Two eggs also spawn just outside the Barbarian Agility Course.

Sometimes, chickens will even "lay" eggs, but only after they "Squawk!". They do this after respawning. The Culinaromancer's Chest in Lumbridge Castle basement sells 10 to members who have completed all parts of Recipe for Disaster. It used to sell 50 but due to the shop update, it now only stocks 10.

The Evil Chicken once was able to drop an egg during its random event, but this was removed to avoid confusion with the evil chicken's egg required for the Recipe for Disaster quest. If you use an egg on the Chicken Shrine it will say in your chatbox "Nice idea, but nothing interesting happens". This feature was removed with the release of Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Culinaromancer's Chest4Coins 4Coins 10Yes
Sigmund the Merchant4Coins 4Coins 10Yes


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