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This article is about the quest NPC. For the cape merchant, see Edmond (merchant).

Edmond chathead

Edmond is a man whose daughter was captured by mourners during the Plague City quest. Players start this quest by speaking to him, and he plays a large role in the quest's storyline.

Edmond is the father of Elena, and lives in the house north of the Flying Horse Inn in East Ardougne.

His garden contains the entrance to the sewer which is used to get in to West Ardougne in the Plague City quest. After completing the quest you are only able to go back through it from the sewer.

Some anagram clue scrolls will tell the player to speak with "NOD MED", referring to Edmond. He will give you a challenge scroll asking how many pigeons are behind Jerico's house. The solution is 3.


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