Echo Bay is the easternmost island in The Skull region of the Wushanko Isles. It's known for its fishing towns, which make use of explosives in their profession. The khan of Echo Bay is cruel even to his own people; he can get away with this behaviour because khans will not interfere with each other's rule unless war is declared.

Echo Bay is almost always referred to as the Bay of Echoes except on the map.


  • In A Voyage of Discovery, a captain can unlock an innate ability (the Eager trait) by journeying to the Bay of Echoes.
  • In The Forgotten Scrolls, the Biologist may send the player to the Bay of Echoes. Floating Starfish surrounding the area pose a threat to the mission.
  • In Gangplanks and Cannons, the player may be called upon to board a trading vessel belonging to the khan of the Bay of Echoes to claim his stocks of gunpowder.
  • In The Hydra, the player may send a ship to the Bay of Echoes to fight Hee-Ra the three-headed Hydra for fame and glory.
  • In The NarWhal, the player sends a ship to explore a tiny island north of the Bay of Echoes in search of resources. They must beware of the narwhal that is said to be circling the island.

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