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Eblis is a Zarosian mystic from the Desert Bandit Camp who seeks to free the Mahjarrat Azzanadra from his prison in the Jaldraocht Pyramid. His ancestors were forced into the desert in order to survive, something that he hates.[1] He and his fellow Zarosians wait for the day they can reclaim Zaros's empire.[2] He has a particular hatred of outsiders, especially those from the Varrock Museum, believing them all to be opportunistic thieves who would take what little he and his people have left for personal gain.[3][4]

When an adventurer, seeking Desert Treasure, approached him about the Diamonds of Azzanadra, he believed they were there to help, and explained how they were stolen. He offered to help track them if the adventurer obtained the items needed to create a number of mystical mirrors, which could be used to track the diamonds' power and thus approximate location. He set the mirrors up near the Bandit Camp lodestone. When the adventurer successfully obtained all four diamonds, he explained further, stating the diamonds themselves were Azzanadra's power and begged the adventurer to free his lord. When the adventurer returned afterwards, Eblis was disappointed that Azzanadra had supposedly ignored his followers, but concluded that his lord was merely dealing with the effects of his long imprisonment.

He offers to sell a single ancient staff for 80,000 coins once Azzanadra has been freed, an heirloom passed down from the warrior mages during the days of the Empire.[5][6] Buying the staff completes the Buying Up Ancient Artefacts requirement for the master quest cape.

Afterwards, he remains by the mirrors, believing the spot to be important.[7]


  • His name comes from the Arabic Iblīs (إبليس in Arabic) which is the name of Satan.
  • After completing Fate of The Gods, he can be informed of Zaros's return.


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