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Eblis chathead
Eblis is a Zarosian mystic who plays a large role in the Desert Treasure quest. During the quest, the player helps Eblis free the Mahjarrat Azzanadra from his prison in the pyramid of Jaldraocht; to do this, the four Diamonds of Azzanadra must be collected, and to this end Eblis (with the player's help) enchants a number of mystical mirrors to discern the diamonds' locations.

After the quest, he will sell a player one (and only one) Ancient staff upon completion of the Desert Treasure quest for 80,000 coins. The only other way to get an ancient staff is as a drop from Mummies, or from another player.

He can be found roaming near the Bandit Camp lodestone.


  • The origin of his name comes from the word Iblīs (إبليس in Arabic) which is the name of Satan.
  • After completing Fate of The Gods, you are able to inform Eblis of the return of Zaros.

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