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Genie The RuneScape feature in this page/section has limited appearances due to an update by Jagex.
Easter Bunny's burrow entrance

The entrance to the burrow.

The Easter Bunny's Burrow is the base of operations for the Easter Bunny's Chocolate Egg Factory. The burrow has been featured in RuneScape's Easter events. It is inhabited by the Easter Bunny, the Easter Bird, and the Easter Bunny's followers, which have previously included rabbits, implings, squirrels and jadinkos.

The entrance is located just west of the Port Sarim lodestone, and before the addition of the Clan Camp it was located south of Falador and just north of Rimmington, near the Crafting Guild.

Easter Bunny's office

The Easter Bunny's office.

In some events, players had to transform into rabbits by either using a magic carrot flavoured egg or being transformed by the Easter Bunny to access the warren, but were often able to resume human form once inside.

The burrow usually consists of two main areas. A maze of tunnels and the Egg Factory, which changes to reflect the Easter Bunnys current predicament. Depending on the event, when you enter the warren, you will either find yourself in the maze of tunnels which you must traverse in order to access the Egg Plant; or the Rabbit hole will give you direct access to the plant.


The burrow has been inhabited by a variety of characters over the years.


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