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This article is about the Easter Bunny. For his son from the 2009 Easter Event and later Easter Bunny, see Easter Bunny Jr.
Snowman 2011 Easter Bunny only appears during certain holiday or seasonal events and may not be currently found in-game.

Suited Naked

Easter Bunny Head 2
Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny 2011
Release date 21 March 2005 (Update)
Race Rabbit
Members only? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Easter Bunny's burrow, Land of Holly and Hawthorn
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Examine 2006:
Cute and friendly, with powers beyond that of magic.
He's lucky it isn't rabbit season.
The king of all things chocolate.
He's the king of all chocolatey things.
Easter Bunny
Release date 8 April 2009 (Update)
Race Rabbit
Members only? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Easter Bunny's burrow
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Examine He's the king of all chocolatey things.

The Easter Bunny, whose name is Harvey, is a rabbit responsible for production of Chocolate Eggs and often trying to cut corners. The Easter Bunny first appeared on RuneScape during the 2005 Easter event, and have appeared in every Easter event since, excluding the 2012 Easter Event.


2005 Easter EventEdit

In the 2005 Easter event, the Easter Bunny tasks players with giving out eggs to other players, and after completing the task rewards them with a Rubber Chicken

2006 Easter EventEdit

In the 2006 Easter event, the easter bunny known as Harvey attempts to make his job easier by using Mind Control on various smaller rabbits to do his job of delivering eggs to children for him. This fails, and the rabbits simply go and bury the eggs outside the burrow. Seeing his plan has failed, he then tasks the player with delivering 10 Easter eggs to small children for him.

2007 Easter EventEdit

In 2007, Harvey returns with a new plan. Seeing as his last plan to use ordinary rabbits failed, he plans to use magical Chocolate rabbits to deliver eggs and orders some from Diango. However, he actually receives Chocolate kebbits and they run amok and once again disrupt easter. He then tasks the player with smashing some Chocolate kebbits into chocolate dust and retrieving a Rabbit mould which a kebbit had stolen so he could make some Chocolate rabbits and continue with his plan.

2008 Easter EventEdit

In 2008, critters have eaten lots of his eggs and he realises that he doesn't have enough eggs to deliver to all of the children, so he hatches a plan to use the eggs he has to create more eggs. He turns an egg into a Chocatrice which he can use to turn regular eggs into chocolate.

Splitting HeirsEdit

Easter Bunny retires

Harvey takes his suit off, revealing his true appearance.

In the 2009, Harvey retires and wants his son Easter Bunny Jr to take over his job. Initially he's very lazy, but after the player gets the machines running again, he accepts his new role as Easter Bunny. In subsequent events, Easter Bunny Jr has taken his fathers place as the Easter Bunny. When Harvey he retires, he also reveals that Easter Bunnies are merely normal rabbits in a large suit, with Harvey and his son being small grey rabbits.


  • The examine text, "He's lucky it isn't Rabbit Season", is a reference to the old famous cartoon show Looney Toons featuring Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd, a Hunter, trying to get Bugs Bunny.
  • It is sometimes joked that the Easter Bunny is a Mahjarrat, originating from a long running joke thread on the Future Updates forum, on which Paul posted, joking that his clever plan had been revealed, and that nobody would guess if he made Wormbrain a Mahjarrat instead. Also, several jagex moderators have claimed their favourite Mahjarrat to be the Easter Bunny.

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