Earth spells may refer to:

Icon Spell Type Base damage Runes
9 Earth Strike icon Earth Strike Strike spell 86 1Earth rune1Air rune
29 Earth Bolt icon Earth Bolt Bolt spell 278 2Earth rune2Air rune
53 Earth Blast icon Earth Blast Blast spell 508 3Earth rune3Air rune
70 Earth Wave icon Earth Wave Wave spell 672 4Earth rune4Air rune
90 Earth Surge icon Earth Surge Surge spell 864 5Earth rune5Air rune
52 Shadow Rush Shadow Rush Rush spell 499 1Death rune3Earth rune
64 Shadow Burst Shadow Burst Burst spell 614 2Death rune4Earth rune
76 Shadow Blitz Shadow Blitz Blitz spell 729 1Blood rune5Earth rune
79 Emerald Aurora Emerald Aurora Aurora spell 841 1Soul rune3Earth rune
88 Shadow Barrage Shadow Barrage Barrage spell 844 2Blood rune5Earth rune
Earth Surge

A player casts Earth Surge; a powerful Earth Spell.

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