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Earth orb detail

An earth orb is a glass orb that has been charged at the Earth Obelisk in Edgeville Dungeon by using the Charge Earth Orb spell with level 60 Magic granting 70 Magic experience. It requires an unpowered orb, 30 earth runes and 3 cosmic runes to charge the orb. At 58 Crafting, it can be used on a battlestaff to make an earth battlestaff, yielding 112.5 Crafting experience.


Earth orb Earth orb
Magic-Make-X GE icon
70 XP-2,889
Magic Magic level60
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Unpowered orbUnpowered orb1215215
Earth runeEarth rune3020600
Cosmic runeCosmic rune3325975
Total price1,790

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Elite Dark Mage982Rare
Nex: Angel of Death700025–40Common
Zombie (Tarn's Lair)72; 74; 75; 77; 78; 79; 82; 84; 851Very rare


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