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Troll invasion

Dynamite is a troll found during the Troll Invasion event. It is very different compared to other trolls, as instead of normal combat, it is considered a suicide bomber - it will explode to cause a large amount of damage to players. If it is attacked, the word "Grr!" appears above its head, and 4 game ticks later, it will explode in a 3x3 area, causing damage around 200-450. If it is not attacked before it walks over to the supply table, it will explode anyway and destroy the supply table. This makes the supply table unusable for the remainder of the event, so food would be recommended if this happens.

A simple and safe way to deal with Dynamites is to use binding spells. As it explodes in 2.4 seconds, any type of holding spell would work, even Bind or Ice Rush, the weakest binding spells in the standard spellbook and the Ancient Magicks spellbook respectively. These spells hold opponents for 20 and 10 seconds respectively, which is more than enough time for players to escape the explosion radius.

In the normal version of Troll Invasion, Dynamite appears in waves 14, 17,18 and 19. In the hard version, he appears in waves 6 and 7.


  • As trolls are named after the first thing they eat, he most likely tried to eat dynamite. His name is also a reference to his explosive nature.

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