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"Dyeing" redirects here. For information on dying in-game, see Death (mechanic).

Dye exists in only seven hues, plus black mushroom ink and whitefish. Dye is used to colour items: most commonly capes, but also certain quest items.

Types of dyesEdit

Standard dyes can be used to dye capes and goblin mail. All of these standard dyes are sold in the Lletya seamstress shop Clothes shop map icon for 6 coins.

Two primary colours (red, blue or yellow) can be mixed with each other to produce a secondary colour (orange, green or purple).

Dye Ingredients GE cost Ingredient cost
Red dye Red dye 3 redberries 2,321 2,688
Orange dye Orange dye Red dye and yellow dye 260 3,455
Yellow dye Yellow dye 2 onions 1,134 112
Green dye Green dye Blue dye and yellow dye 692 2,449
Blue dye Blue dye 2 woad leaves 1,315 274
Purple dye Purple dye Red dye and blue dye 168 3,636

Pink dyeEdit

Pink dye is members-only and can be bought from Betty in the Magic Shop in Port Sarim for 20 coins, after you have completed The Hand in the Sand quest. It can be made during the quest by using redberries and white berries with a special vial of water.

Pink dye can be used to create a pink cape, craft a pink origami balloon and to make pink goblin mail.

Black mushroom inkEdit

Black mushroom ink is members only and player made during the Shadow of the Storm, Land of the Goblins, and The Golem quests. It can be used to dye capes, desert robes, goblin mails, origami balloons, and the Silverlight sword.


A Whitefish is required to get the "bleach" to obtain the "blank colour" white. However, the "bleach" itself is not received as an item and it only colours goblin mail, to obtain white goblin mail, for use during the Land of the Goblins quest.

Treasure TrailsEdit

Third age, barrows, blood and shadow dyes may be obtained as a rare reward from hard or elite Treasure Trails. These dyes can be used to dye level 90 armour and weapons, turning them into repairable equipment. This process is irreversible, the dye is used up in the process, and the dyed versions of equipment become permanently untradeable.


Dye is used in a number of quests:

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