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Dwarven chainaxe detail

A dwarven chainaxe is an item obtained from dwarven toolboxes which were available on Treasure Hunter from 17 April 2015 00:00 UTC to 20 April 2015 23:59 UTC and from inactive versions available after 13 July 2016 00:00 UTC.

It can be used to gain double the amount of logs cut with no experience gained or it can be used to double the amount of experience with no logs gained. It lasts for 100 charges, only consuming a charge upon success of an action.

If the item is used with an augmented dragon hatchet or augmented crystal hatchet, the dwarven tool will take priority, and the other item will be ignored in terms of charge drain, perk, and item experience gain.

Stacks with bonus experience; if you have bonus, you can get quadruple experience. It will work on ivy, as well as Golden Bamboo. It does not stack with the perfect juju woodcutting potion; the experience from the extra log is still added, but not doubled by it. This does not consume an additional charge.

This works with divine locations, however only gaining double logs stacks with the bonus from Guthixian Caches. It does not work on Clan Citadel skilling plots. The chainaxe will work on elder trees.

If you are using the log banking ability from the Evil Tree D&D, the chainaxe will not double the number of logs gathered, though it will continue to use charges. Additionally, the escort effect will not appear when a log is cut.

The double experience works on a Crystal tree, as well as trees affected by Crystallise, making it the best option for doubling experience as crystal trees and crystallized trees produce no logs.

The double logs feature will not double the amount of crystal fragments gained when the chainaxe is used on a branching crystal on Tarddiad, but its charges will still be consumed. Neither double logs nor double experience work on jade roots, but no charges are consumed.

During certain bonus XP events (such as Double XP Weekends and the 2016-17 New Year 10% bonus XP event) the dwarven chainaxe cannot be used. Even if the item is in the player's inventory, it will not activate in either double experience or double resource mode, and charges will not be used. If a bonus (degrading) experience event is active, the chainaxe will be used, but no charges will drain. This means the player can utilise the chainaxe as a free tier 75 tool similar to the crystal hatchet.

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