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The Dwarven battleaxe is a quest item used during The Giant Dwarf quest. It can be obtained by talking to Santiri, a Dwarf who lives in Keldagrim near the bank. Initially in a poor state of repair, the player first must use three sapphires to repair the hilt, and then take it to Thurgo south of Port Sarim to have it sharpened.

Item Examine Next step
Dwarven battleaxe (rusty) Dwarven battleaxe (rusty) This looks very rusty and worn. Add 3 sapphires or take to Thurgo for sharpening.
Dwarven battleaxe (sharp) Dwarven battleaxe (sharp) This axe blade has been sharpened. Add 3 sapphires.
Dwarven battleaxe (sapphires) Dwarven battleaxe (sapphires) Three sapphires have been crafted onto the hilt. Take to Thurgo for sharpening.
Dwarven battleaxe (repaired) Dwarven battleaxe (repaired) This axe has a sharp blade and there are sapphires in the hilt. Give the battleaxe to the Model in Keldagrim.

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