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Dwarven Tunnel
Dwarven Tunnel
Release date Unknown edit
Kingdom Dwarven Realm
Members area Yes
Main music Beyond
Levels 1
Strongest monster Dwarf
Dwarf multicannon Allowed
Quests Fishing Contest
Inhabitants/Race Dwarves, Gnome
Dwarven Tunnel map

The Dwarven Tunnel is a shortcut beneath the feared White Wolf Mountain and a small hub for dwarves. It is guarded by Austri on the Taverley, and his brother Vestri on the Catherby side of the mountain, and only accessible after Fishing Contest. The tunnel allows travellers to cross between Asgarnia and Kandarin unharmed by the vicious white wolves that live on the mountain top. The tunnel may also be accessed by mine cart from Keldagrim.

There is a bar in the tunnel, as well as Holoy's Crossbow Shop. Gnome Glider Captain Ninto, Rohak and Khorvak may also be found here.

Vestri's hut

The western exit of the tunnel.

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