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Not to be confused with Mining Guild resource dungeon.
Dwarven Mine resource dungeon location

The location of the entrance

The Dwarven Mine hidden mine is a resource dungeon, with its entrance in the Dwarven Mine, that requires a Dungeoneering level of 15 to enter and awards the player 1500 experience on their first entry. The dungeon contains a bank deposit box, 3 silver ore rocks, 13 coal rocks, and 6 mithril ore rocks. With the release of the Daemonheim tasks, the resource dungeon got a back-area, accessible while wearing the Daemonheim aura 3 obtained from the hard tasks; it contains 2 adamant rocks and 8 more mithril rocks.


Entrance at the south end of the Dwarven Mine. The nearest access is in the north-east corner of Falador, by the Party Room.


  • While in the resource dungeon, the game glitches to black screen or freezes very often. However, this appears to be somewhat dependent on the graphics used, so it is recommended to use lower graphics settings, such as safe mode and/or minimum detail. It seems like those glitches occur only if you are using DirectX based graphics. The type of used graphics can be changed in the lobby under the graphic section (custom).
  • Like all other resource dungeons, this one contains a strange obelisk with no apparent purpose.
  • At one point, the bank deposit box was removed in a hidden update, and then added back in another hidden update.

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